A bunch of new reviews have come in -
and not a single bad one.

We will include links to them as soon as we can. Buit one quote from one review is worth repeating here - "THRASH! The way it is meant to be - like a fist in the face of God". That review and others will be posted soon.

What are people saying about Anger As Art ?
"Wow! As in jaw-dropping Holy Shit wow!" J.H. - Florida

"A straight kick in the face of every so-called Thrash Metal band" J.B. Germany

"One of the best solo albums in the history of Heavy Metal" D. - Poland

"It Crushes! How the hell do you come up with riffs like that?" P.H. Pennsylvania

"It delivers on all levels" M.S. Iowa

"Very aggressive. Good Stuff. Been listening to it non-stop" M.S. California

"It just kills me. THIS is metal, man!" S.S. Belgium

"Good 'ol thrash. It picks up where Pagan War Machine left off. Its great" F.S. California

"Very pleased. Great F***ing CD!" M.V. Holland

"Very nice piece of Gaines creativity. The aggression factor is really there" G.H. Sweden

" Probably the best Thrash album I have heard in years" H.R. - California

"Songs are very crunchy and to the point" E.A. Pennsylvania

"Songs kicked major-ass. Really f***ing good" D.R. Norway

"I cant get it out of my CD player. Exactly the metal I like!" J.R. California

"Luckily I'm sober. Or blood might have been spilled during listening" M.S. Texas

"Excellent. Rooted in the old school, but not dated at all" G.H. Pennsylvania

"Cannot stop the killer riffs this guy can crank out." P.B. Oklahoma

"Besides Exodus, another remarkable thrash metal album this year" R.P. Belgium

"Delivers liquid flames in color. Absolutely addictive, and powerful" B.K. - Connecticut

"Listen to songs like Wide Awake, and Blood Of My Enemies - they're great" I.G. - Italy

Internet Reviews as of August 2005




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