Sometimes it takes a veteran. or maybe 4. It is true that in the past couple of years there has been a worldwide explosion or rebirth of interest in thrash metal. Anger As Art predates that by only a few months. combined with veteran experience dating to the original birth of the genre.

The story has been told many times - Steve Gaines (Abattoir, Bloodlust, Tactics, Bitch, Dreams Of Damnation, Pagan War Machine) got tired of projects failing, and in frustration released an 8 song demo entitled Anger As Art - which set off an explosion in the thrash metal underground. Demand to perform leads to the formation of a band, signing with Old School Metal Records, reissuing the demo as a debut CD with bonus tracks, a 2nd full length CD 'Callous And Furor', touring with old schoolers Testament, Hirax, Destruction, Overkill, Agent Steel, as well as new breed bands like Warbringer, Fueled By Fire, and Bonded By Blood.

After a well received world tour, Anger As Art began the process of pre-production for their 3rd full length CD - 'Disfigure'. During the process, the band faced crisis. Says main man Steve Gaines: "I don't think of this as a solo project - it is definitely a band. I want the guys to contribute. Having said that, I have a clear vision for what this band should be. I have always had the vision - when it is followed, success comes with. Whenever it varies, it starts to stagnate. I want people who see this vision for the entity it is - not as something that can be changed or morphed into something else. It is based on anger, song, and emotion. not musicianship. I have been in too many of those bands where you play to impress others - and the statement means nothing. With Anger, the statement means everything. Anything else is secondary.

"As such, we have had a complete lineup change since the release of Callous And Furor. Aside from myself, the band consists of Angelo Espino (Hirax, Reverend) on bass guitar, Rob Alaniz on drums (Evil Dead, Abattoir, Winterthrall), and Daniel Oliverio (Abattoir) on guitar and vocals. Look at the lineage of these guys - these are some thrash vets with a proven track record. Songs that previously sounded 'nice' are positively bristling with rage... and the vision remains intact. This is what thrash/speed metal should always be like."

Anger As Art will release their 3rd album 'Disfigure' on Old School Metal Records in fall of 2009. World tour dates to follow.

Those who know Anger know what to expect. those who are just becoming aware - welcome to the world of ANGER AS ART.