Instrument: Lead Vocals, Guitar

How long have you been playing?

Singing since I was 4 years old. Guitar since about 10, but a long layoff in between to play other instruments or just sing.

What other bands/projects are you known for?
Abattoir, Bloodlust, Bitch, Tactics, Pagan War Machine, Dreams Of Damnation

Describe your sound/style, if possible
Its hard to describe, other than I spent quite a few years working on it, making quite a few mistakes, and ended up with the voice you hear today. Midrange is the strength, but ear-piercing highs are still available. It is unique in this cookie-monster world of metal. I refuse to suck on purpose. Guitar? I would say Neanderthal heavy-handed rhythm with good use of chords. But soloing? Blues-based at best. Slow and methodical, if not flashy. I will always strive to be on key. I have lots of work to do to be the guitarist that I still want to be.

What equipment do you use?
I swear by Gibson Guitars -- I have twelve Gibsons. #1 is a 2002 Les Paul Standard. All of my guitars have EMG pickups.
Amps? I have an Ampeg VL1002 with two Ampeg 4x12 cabs loaded with Celestion Vintage 30 speakers. For smaller gigs,
I also have an Ampeg VL503 combo amp. I Have been playing Ampeg since 1989 and still have a full SVT bass rig.

Favorite Food Favorite Drink
Evenly split between Italian and Mexican. Coffee with a Diet Coke chaser.

What do you hope ultimately happens with AAA?
Everything I hoped for in starting this band has already come true. I gave up the pipe dream of being a rich famous rock star years ago. I just want to write and perform music with great musicians. It really is that simple. If, as a result, we put out more albums, and get to play around the world, it is all icing on the cake . . . this life is cake. These are some great players and people. I hope we can grow together and give 100% at all times.



Instrument: Bass

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Instrument: Guitars

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Instrument: Drums

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